:) Saturday, Granite Draw, send to hurricane
Lvl 26 to 35 send 210,  Lvl 36 to 45 send 260
Lvl 46 to 59 send 310 , Lvl 60 to 80 send 360

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Old Friends
lmod ArchangelSoti
October 09, 2013, 19:48:22 by Guild Leader | Views: 4584 | Comments: 0

                             FRE stands for Friends Re-United and we are recruiting new friends.
                                       :)  Don't forget a stranger is only a friend you have yet to meet.  :)   

We are a fun guild that can do the serious stuff when required. We have draws and competitions going on all week where you can win Granite, Gold coins, Guild coins, Buildings and lots more.

Some very experienced players to help lower levels improve their island and game experience,                                   
a friendly bunch in chat from many nationalities and backgrounds.  8)   :-*   ::)   ;)   :-\   :(   :-X

We are an active guild (currently 89 members) that enjoys playing settlers online in many different ways.  We have adventure playing members, traders and members that want to develop their island. Currently our lowest level member is L29 (most are in the L60+ bracket) but we all started at Level 1 and remember what it was like to learn the game, re position buildings and look for help in developing our island and our economy. We would love to hear from lower level players as well as established players. 
We would expect a player to be around the L26 mark before they think of joining FRE - we find that's about the time when a player has passed the boredom threshold and understands what playing style suits them.  But we will take suitable new members below that level.

We have our own forum with lots of information to help play the game and where we place our competition information and lots more. Membership to FRE is free so you are not expected to purchase a guild certificate from the trader shop, just to contribute with quests and chat in game.

       Visit our new forum you may like what you see.  Limited access for guests.                           

       Please read the guide in our forum as to how we expect our members to behave.

If you are interested then drop an in-game email to any of the guild officers ( hurricane60, Gavona, ToniSoprano, Amazola, Skelgaard and Taffy ) If you are not already on our friends list we would appreciate a few words as to who you are, how often you play and your playing style.


Update April 2016:
Potted History:
FRE has its roots in Star (Starlight Nebula) guild, which I joined back in March 2012.    The guild leader became less active and, as it was not possible in those times to hand over the guild leadership this new guild was started in Oct 2013, led by Fishslice.  Most of the active members in Star transferred to FRE.  Later we were delighted to be joined by BlueFairy's guild Global Nomads, + later again by Taffy's guild Friends With Benefits.

In early March 2014 Fishslice handed over the leadership to Gavona and about a year later Gavona handed the leadership to hurricane60, on 15th February 2015

We are determined to maintain ourselves as a generous, helpful and active guild and to that end we like to invite  lower level players who we can help and support as well as active higher level players.  We expect our members to be able to adhere to the guild guidelines [please see our separate post].

As at April 2016 FRE comprises 89 Members 11 of whom are currently inactive.  We still run 3 or 4 competitions/draws a week and are achieving 150+ Guild Coins per day.

Hurricane60 April 2016.
October 09, 2013, 19:47:22 by Guild Leader | Views: 6253 | Comments: 1

Guidelines  for FRE guild members.

We don’t have rules as such but there are certain obligations we ask of members

All guild members to actively participate in guild quest.

All guild members to log in regularly, every day would be nice
but maybe not convenient for everyone.
All guild members to tell us when they are not expecting to be around,
for example :    holidays, personal problems, ect.  we all have them.

It is in our Guild members own interest to visit our forum regularly so they can see what is going on.
We put a lot of effort into giving our members all the information they need to enjoy being in our Guild.

All guild members to introduce themselves on the forum.

All guild members expected to at least say “hi” in chat now and again.

All guild members are expected to trade fairly within the guild - obviously for players still developing their economy we are happy to help.
But what do we mean by  "fair"?

•   “Fair” should be fair to both parties in the trade.
•   A player who is level 50 or above should expect to pay minimum trade sheet price.
•   Two players at similar levels should expect to trade at minimum trade sheet price.
But at the end of the day if both parties are happy with the trade then that is how it should be :)
•   As a guild we like to support lower levels to progress through the game.  Therefore we encourage a high level player to offer a lower level player a discount of up to 20%.

Anything won in competitions or draws and anything traded for guild discount is not to be resold outside of the Guild.

We aim for as many members to do their Guild Quest each day as possible, all guild members are expected to help each other to achieve this aim.
New guild members will naturally be given time to settle into the guild and should ask for help whenever needed, the guild quest is to the benefit of the whole guild.     

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